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Insight to the Career Development of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker gets primarily associated with the real estate and technology industries. He served as an advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company and invested his time at NaviSite as the chairman. Recently, his decision to venture into new businesses has set him apart in the real estate and technology world. In 2011, Arthur Becker ventured into the development of residential houses. He majors on the development and rehabilitation of townhouses. Becker builds or reconstruct townhouses, sells them or leases them to tenants across the states. Lately, he has expanded his reach to the city of New York and Florida. Arthur Becker was engaged to a fashion designer, Vera Wang for 23 years. Check out Bloomberg for more info.

In an interview, Arthur said he ventured into the world of technology in 2003 after joining NaviSite as the CEO. He drives his inspiration from the experience drawn from his time at Vera Wang’s Fashion Company. He further states that the fashion industry taught him a lot of design methodologies. Arthur makes money by investing in properties. By renovating and leasing, Arthur gets back his invested capital plus profits. Arthur’s investments in technology bore fruits faster than expected. However, it was his intention to rush the business. According to Becker, doubt comes in when an entrepreneur doesn’t know the aspects of the venture. However, there was never a time he doubted his entrepreneurial skills. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Other than referrals, Arthur Becker advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to invest in a good marketing team, use billboards, business cards, pens and different modes of advertisements. Speaking to customers is as important. Hard work and focus are the core ingredients of success. Arthur recognizes the initial reward after his first investment as the most satisfying moment. According to Arthur, the recent property purchases have helped his business move up a big notch. Arthur advises young entrepreneurs to listen to the market as its where all ideas get born.

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