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Innovation and Industry: OSI Industries

In the world today, innovation is the single most concept that drives any market and assures a business of growth and expansion. This is the sole engine behind the boom in all economic sectors. There is a global leader that has not only innovated when others chose not to, but this same leader has also led the infusing of state of the art technological centres as well. This leader is OSI Industries.

Since the early 1970’s, OSI has become a force in the world of meat production, supply, and capitalization. Since the first shop opened in 1977, OSI has become a worldwide model. This is invigorated by the continued dominance of the food industry giant McDonald’s. Of which OSI struck a very key allegiance in the early days with this brand. In the year 2016, Forbes’ listed OSI Industries with sales of $6.1 billion and gave them the rank of #58. Nothing short of excellence indeed.

The presence of OSI Industries is not to be left to America. OSI Industries is also a global brand with state of the art food processing plants in East Asia, Europe, as well as in India too. OSI has become a worldwide name that has the words dedication, determination, and persistence attached to it. What else can you expect from a company that has over 20,000 employees at 65 facilities across 17 countries? If this is not a standard of excellence and innovation not to mention expansion then what is?

OSI Industries have very humble beginnings in that the founders were from the German immigrant community in Chicago. From the inception, the notion of hard work and sacrifice were bred into the very veins of this brand. By securing an early relationship with Ray Kroc, the early days before McDonald’s opened up the first store, this catapulted the company into heights hitherto unknown.

In conclusion, the world has better food producers, better food production facilities, and better reach to other markers due to the expansion of OSI and the genius efforts of its staff today. This model is to be followed by all in the food production industry because the saying, “If it’s not broke, do not fix it” applies here today. To try and sum up the excellence of OSI would be an injustice as volumes could be written about this iconic brand today. We are the benefactors of this impressive company today.

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