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If You Want Original Decor Then Richard Mishaan Is The Man With The Plan

Richard Mishaan Design is an eclectic mix of art and furniture. He is the artist of Interior Design and uses his imagination to transform rooms into a livable work of art. He designs by his own set of rules and that is what makes his talent unique.

The Richard Mishaan Design Company did a hotel makeover that’s a really different. The hotel doesn’t look like the thousands of others with rug designs so busy they can upset the stomach or make you cross eyed. Or rooms so dark you want to leave the light on all night. You will be surprised and thrilled of the magic he uses to transform any room into a masterpiece.

The Shelborne Wyndham Grand Hotel in South Beach, Florida had a makeover from Richard Mishaan Design of New York. The lower half of the wall is a dark color allowing the cream, black, and light brown abstract rugs compliment the rich colored brown doors of the rooms. The ceilings in the hall are blue and the upper part of the wall is white. The white, blue and black trimmed circular lights that adorn the walls make these areas feel cozy.

Richard Mishaan Design gave the rooms white ceilings with light-colored walls that opened the rooms and they feel spacious. There are light-colored drapes framing the windows letting in the natural light. The carpet has a blue and white circular abstract design that is calming. The modern desk and lamp with the accents of a single flower in a vase make the room feel rich.

The beds are comfortable and adorned with abstract blue and white throw pillows that are not too small or too big that overwhelm the bed. The Richard Mishaan Design Company believes in comfort, color, blending textures, eras’ and wants you to enjoy the new decor.

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