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How’s Your Personal Cyber Security

The invention of the internet has made life so easy. No longer do you need to physically go to the bank or the stores. You can even get a job online. Honest law abiding citizens, however, are not the only ones using the web. Scammers and hackers are preying on people who are not diligent about protecting their personal cyber security (Facebook).

It is growing at an alarming rate. Ransomware attack 300,000 computers in May 2017. This affected businesses, organizations and personal computers in over 150 countries. Many of these computers had personal cyber security set up but it wasn’t adequate. Even I thought I had a full proof system but it turned out not to be the case. Personal cyber security needs to be a full-time endeavor. The government does not seem to be investing enough money into the seriousness of this problem.

I know in my life I have no time to manage every phishing scheme. I want security and peace of mind but I do not want to be terrified every time I log on. Monitoring companies like are growing fast.Their advanced technology does the worrying for me. I now feel safe and secure. I’m protected.

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