How End Citizens United Is Fighting For Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a political action committee or PAC that was created in August of 2015. This new group has at the top of its priorities the reversal of the landmark Citizens United Supreme Court case. The group’s overall agenda can be described as one of campaign finance reform.


The group was instrumental in helping Democrats win or hold onto senate and house seats that were up for grabs in the 2016 election in November. It poured tens of millions of dollars into democratic seats in the house and senate that were in line with its goal of campaign finance reform and transparency.


In August of 2015, the group had managed to fund-raise over $2 million dollars from small donations. The total estate for the amount group managed to raise was about $30 which is no chump change in the political world.


At the heart of End Citizens United is a mission to have a new amendment to the constitution that would effectively nullify the decision that was reached in the Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission court case. This decision is largely credited to the rise of political action committees in political campaigns. Ironically, End Citizens United is a PAC itself that is fighting to remove such PACs from politics. In addition to giving rise to political action committees, many opponents of the Citizens United Case such as End Citizens United claim that the decision has allowed massive sums of so called dark money to seep into politics.


As of August 2015, over 325,000 folks across the country have added their name to an End Citizens United petition. The petition requests that Congress pass a law that would reverse the Citizens United decision. Petition signatures are only expected to rise as End Citizens United is working with pro-Democrat grassroots groups. The partnerships with liberal and left wing groups should help End Citizens United get its word out to people who may be very sympathetic and supportive of what the organization is doing.


Famous examples of candidates who received endorsements from Citizens United in the 2016 congressional races include Russ Feingold who ran for senator in Wisconsin and Michael Benett who ran for senator in the state of Colorado. Feingold lost to Ron Johnson in the 2016 race, but Benett won his reelection bid in a hotly contested race in a battleground state. In addition to supporting these two candidates, End Citizens United supported an additional 9 Democratic candidates who were on the ballot in 2016.


Richard Carbo, who serves as the director of Citizens United had the following to say about what sets his group apart from others that want transparency and campaign finance reform. End Citizens United is actually addressing a major hole he says. The group is trying to elect politicians at the national level who can help reverse the Citizens United decision. It is also growing the movement to repeal it.


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