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How Do You Use Image Recognition Programs?


Visual search technology is slowly gaining a great deal of attention among those internet-savvy sales professionals looking for a better way to do things. Visual search and image recognition programs follow the same strategy traditional “text typing” search systems employ. A subject is entered into a box and a search for matching products at a retailer’s website is performed.

One major difference does exist. Image and visual recognition programs search for matching pictures.

The ease of use does more than just benefit the owners of the retail site. Customers want the best out of their purchasing endeavors. The “best” can sometimes be a subjective term, but it is safe to say customers want a massive array of choice and great prices. They also likely do not want to spend an unnecessary amount of time looking for products. Large online retail websites do have numerous outstanding products at reasonable prices, but finding these items is not always easy. The size of the retail site makes navigating its search functions very difficult. The integration of visual search technology changes all this. Running searches of images cuts the amount of time required for the process down immensely. Locating a number of different choices and reasonable price tags can be done within seconds.

The Toronto company Slyce originally developed a smartphone app that consumers could use to take pictures of retail merchandise. The photos could be cross-referenced with retail platforms affiliated with Slyce. The unique app and search program combo turned out to be a massive hit. Slyce has raised millions of dollars in capital and is using the funds not only to develop more apps and platforms, but also to purchase other companies. Those acquisitions end up under the management and new direction of Slyce. Yes, all this success started with the development of a simple smartphone app.

Image recognition software is not going to be limited to online retail sales. Social networks are starting to use the programs and using them to great effect. Visual recognition programs represent the next logical step in online searches. Slyce is one of the companies leading the way in bringing such programs to interested users.

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