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Healthful Flavorful Beneful Dog Food Brands

The Purina Beneful Grain Free TV commercial, “Superfoods” is full of color and shows the use of many real ingredients and focuses on superfoods. Real chicken, pumpkin, blueberries, and spinach are seen being eaten by the dog while he is enjoying every bite. The dog is the narrator and says that he is loving every bite full of natural goodness. He also states that this food is like nothing else and has a unique tastes. After the eating is over, you can see that the dog is full of energy and ready to play.

Purina Beneful Break-N-Bites TV commercial, ” You Gotta Get Cute” shows the dog treats and how the dog completely loves them. The dog is the narrator again and can’t believe how delicious they are. He wants more and says that being even cuter will get him those treats. The Beneful commercial also depicts a family to show that the dog is loved and given the best. The ad makes sure to include that Beneful treats are made with real beef as their main ingredient.

Purina Beneful Original TV commercial, “Dinner for Two” shows another dog talking about how he even eats better than his owner. He doesn’t understand how someone can put such unhealthy thing in their body. This gives the impression that Beneful is super healthy and makes the dog happy that he’s eating real food full of natural products including vegetables, grains, and meat.

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