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Gooee: Better Ambiance, Greener Flow

Smart lighting is lighting of the future. Everything is “smart” these days, so why not smart lighting. In fact, doesn’t it seem that we’ve been waiting around for smart lighting for a while? The ability to dim a light switch while remaining seated or have a light turn off when we leave the room without the excessive “clap on”, “clap off” mechanism? On and off with the lights is only the beginning. Really, these smart chips are able to take lighting into a whole new arena, maximizing their use as an aesthetic ambiance, their interconnectedness and ease of use in life, and their low output of energy making them greener.


Smart lighting by Gooee is shrinking the LED sensor that allows the lighting in a home to be interconnected with the internet. Smart phones, laptops, smart watches and sockets can all communicate with each other not only to turn lights on and off but to control light intensity, and light temperature.


Gooee Smart Lighting has also developed systems for sensors to be installed that detect if someone opens a door, a detection system to calculate the number of bodies in a room, and therefore how much lighting is needed at that moment. The light sensors can detect how much natural light is being filtered inside at any given moment, allowing the interior lights to adjust in intensity and making them more energy efficient.

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