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Goettl Air Conditioning Comes Back in Style

Ken Goodrich has a remarkable history of being able to take a company that is on its way to ruin and transform it into a profitable enterprise. That is just what he did with Goettl Air Conditioning. Now Goettl is a 70 plus year-old company, established in 1932 to by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. They brought the evaporative cooling system and the refrigerated air conditioning systems to the desert communities of the US Southwest and changed the lifestyle of the people who lived there for the better.

Over the years, the Goettl company dealt with five generations of families and the company was noted for its professional approach and great customer service. The company had several ownerships over the years, but the basic approach to customer care and good service was kept intact.

That changed however in the late nineties when the company was purchased by a large national management company. Although the company meant well, it just did not work out to attempt to manage a service company like Goettl from a distance.

That is where Ken Goodrich came in and when he purchased Goettl in 2013 he encountered a situation where customer service was in total disarray and the employees were very frustrated by their inability to make critical decisions on the spot.

Goodrich immediately instituted a plan that he related to both the customers and the employees. He began to meet with employees and customers, explaining to them that things were going to change for the better and he was enlisting their help in getting things going. He also advertised heavily in the media in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas areas offering a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee along with marketing incentives.

Slowly but surely, the “People will believe you and give you a chance, but you had better be able to deliver,” Goodrich had said. Today annual revenue runs in the $50 million range which is a far cry from where it was when Goodrich bought the company. Check out for more.

According to BizJournals another factor that accelerated the profitability of Goettl was Goodrich’s decision to acquire Walton’s Heating and Air of Southern California. Walton’s was a family-owned company that specializes in commercial HVAC. Since Goettl mainly is involved in residential business, the two companies combining forces was a natural move.

Todd Longbrake, former owner of Walton’s was kept on and has been named Goettl Company Sales Manager. Goodrich things very highly of Longbrake due to his expertise and abilities.

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