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Glenn Beck’s Story About George Soros Is Based On False Information

George Soros is not only known for his extreme wealth, but also for the controversies that have surrounded him in the past. The newest controversy is a rumor created by Glenn Beck, Fox News commentator. Beck has accused the Hungarian-American of anti-Semitism.

This accusation is based on Soros’ teenage life of. As a teenager, Soros lived through the horrors that the Nazis spread across Europe. The Nazis mainly targeted the Jews. Glenn posits that in order to protect his family from being arrested and sent to a concentration camp, Soros’ father devised a plan that involved hiding his family in plain sight of the authority. The plan saw the family change their identities as non-Jews and bribing Nazi officers in order to obtain new documents and avoid arrests. As a messenger, George Soros was to report to the Budapest Council besides cooperating with the authorities.

This way, Glenn asserts that Soros had to turn in his fellow Jews to the Nazis.

In his argument that Soros was anti-Semitic, Beck focused mainly only the life of the 14-year-old boy. During the time, Soros had to employ any antics that were required of him in order to survive in a society that was harsh to the Jews. He argued that Soros has never regretted his actions during the Nazi occupation. Glenn goes ahead to posit that Soros had been previously quoted saying that those were the some of the happiest years of his life. Most Jews that turned in their fellows Jews to the Nazis have already apologized.

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In her article, Kati Marton terms the claims as baseless. She states that Soros never answers to people who criticize him.  In actual sense, Soros has been involved in several activities around the world that clearly proves that he is not anti-Semitic. One of these activities is helping to bring down communism, a terrible outfit that succeeded the Nazis.

George Soros started his campaigns against communism in 1984 when he opened the first Open Society office in Budapest. Using his uncanny ways, Soros managed to smuggle a Xerox machine into the office in order to help the society conduct its business without being monitored by the Hungarian government. The success of this office saw other Open Society offices being established across the Soviet Union. According to Marton, the functions of the Open Societies resulted in the popularity of Soros across Europe.  The others are Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Margaret Thatcher.

The accusation that Soros was plotting to bring down the government of the United States through inflation is irresponsible. Soros has previously been involved in political endeavors that were all in line with the political policies of the United Sates. These activities prove that the wealthy businessman is pro-US.

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    However, this does not mean that he is anti-Semitic as Beck accuses him. He is also recognized among the four individuals who brought down communism. This site: has given them excellent reviews on how these things may be able to work on their behalf.

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