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Glen Wakeman`s Success in Business

Glen Wakeman is the founder and CEO of Launchpad LLC a corporation launched in 2015 and is involved in the development of M&As for early-stage companies. In 1981, Glen graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and later an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago in 1993.


Wakeman`s lengthy career in business and finance began about two decades ago. At first, he held positions in P&L at GE capital. He was also the founder and presider of the Nova Four, moves that made the GE`s board of directors recognize him as one of the growing leadership role models.

Glen wakeman

Glen’s career has made him a reputable mentor and entrepreneur globally. He has played key roles in revolutionizing several businesses and has accumulated over $15 billion in terms of assets with an employee base of up 17000 people. His secret to business success revolves around governance, risk management, executive leadership and human capital. Glen has assisted in guiding startup companies, M&As, divestitures among other fields.


More to being an investor, Wakeman is also a renowned blog writer. He uses his writing prowess to educate people on matters international fiscal, strategies, emerging markets, and management. He has also helped mentor startup agencies for example dream funded and sitter bees together with several c- level executives.


Glen is very passionate about development innovation and growth in all business sectors. His vast career has enabled him to work in six countries and has been an overseer of activities in over 30 regions globally. He has also received several recognitions globally for his notable participation in different businesses.

Among Glen’s favorite book is the Art of War by SunTzu. He describes the book as a timeless classic art that is a must read for people seeking strategizing skills. Some of the lessons one can obtain from the book include teamwork, preparation and discipline vital skills for all budding entrepreneurs.


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