George Soros, Philantropist

George Soros: The Power of Helping

It’s always awe-inspiring to hear about billionaires and millionaires actually helping communities in need. It’s even more awe-inspiring to find out that they’re doing it because they want to genuinely help people. That’s the kind of man who George Soros is. As a billionaire hedge fund manager, he’s donated billions to his organization, Open Society Foundations.

He’s been slowly donating hundreds of millions over the last several years. On Tuesday, the NY Times announced that he’d donated $18 billion to his foundation. The only foundation larger than Open Society Foundations is one founded by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Open Society operates in over 120 countries. In every nation, it promotes democracy and human rights. As the entire world struggles, the United States seems to be moving backward. This caused Open Society to readjust its priority and focus on fixing and healing the U.S.

According to the NY Times, Open Society is effectively trying to stop the national wave of hate caused by President Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory. Anyone living the U.S. knows how much hate that stirred up, and how important it is that organizations like Open Society put an end to the evil. Since 2016, Soros has donated a tremendous amount of time to the organization.

As strange as it sounds, today’s problems are best explained as though it’s a dark fairy tale. It’s more important than ever to fight against the evil forces that have awoken since the election. Soros believes that standing behind political candidates like Hillary Clinton is America’s best hope.

Because of his political affiliations and opinions, he’s the target of much conservative hate. There really isn’t a far-right political analyst that isn’t attacking Mr. George Soros’s character. They’ve even accused him of trying to undermine European authorities and spark dangerous revolutions.

All great men are hated by people, but George Soros is hated for lots of reasons. According to JPost, it started in 1992, when he shorted the British pound and made one billion dollars. Since then, he’s been on the rise in the financial market and political syndicate. Now, at the height of his political supporting, he’s accused of single-handedly destroying America’s white values. Honestly, he’s uplifting to many, but right-wing nut-jobs hate his very existence. They’ve even accused him of paying women to make false sexual assault accusations.


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