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George Soros: Politico recap

George Soros is a prominent American political activist, businessperson, and an Author. He was born in Hungary, and he is currently the Chairman and leader of the Soros Fund Management LLC. George has also engaged in numerous philanthropic activities to help the poor and the disadvantaged in the world. Soros is among the high-profile business tycoons in the world. He is on the list of the top 30 richest people in the world. Soros is influential and popularly known for playing a huge role during the Eastern Europe major transition from communism to capitalism. He has been fighting for democratic rights for more than three decades internationally.

George Soros is a billionaire financier of many politicians in the US. Soros was quoted on 11th November 2003 by The Washington Post that he would sacrifice all his wealth to assist anyone who would help in removing the former American President, George W. Bush. Soros gave millions of dollars to many groups who supported Democrats to block the re-election of George W. Bush to power.

Soros is one of the highly rated financiers of the American politics and groups which fights for justice. George Soros is known for supporting Democrats in the United States of America to win elections. He gave out $6 million in December to support the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton. The PAC received the money for Hillary’s campaign, and they added more than $25 million dollars in 2015.

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The main reason why he donated high amounts of money for the 2016 presidential elections was to ensure that the American Justice System was comprehensively reshaped. George Soros donated more than $3million to support more than six states. It was also aimed at supporting attorney campaigns which surpassed all the super-donors in those campaigns. The primary reasons why he supported those local candidates was because they supported his ambitions and goals which include ensuring that there is the reduction of racial disparities in the US, enhancing diversion programs for the drug lords and offenders in the country rather than trial. The candidates included Hispanic and African-American individuals.

The action was a major progressive motive to finance the reforming of the criminal justice system in the US. According to George Soros, those local political jobs were held by many inhuman individuals who violated the law by allowing the illegal drug offenders to operate freely in the regions that they controlled. They manipulated decisions made in the local courts which is a challenge to the criminal justice system in the country.

Some of the regions he spent money for the district attorney campaigns include New Mexico, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and in Illinois. He contributed his money to the super PAC movement to support his Safety and Justice campaigns in the country. He also donated money to other groups like the Florida Safety and Justice group who received approximately $1.4 million.

Soros supported the Florida Safety and Justice team because it was supporting Aramis Ayala, prosecutor and renowned public defender in the country, who was vying against Jeff Ashton, an incumbent. George Soros spent his money from 2015 to 2016 to ensure that the criminal justice is entirely reformed by the candidates he supported.

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