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Freedom Debt Relief has laid a Guide to a Smooth Transition to a New School Year for Parents

Starting a new school year is a bit involving for both parents and students considering the preparations that come with it. Freedom Financial Network shares some tips that ensure a smooth experience as kids start a new school year.

Things to Consider

One thing parents think about when schools reopen is purchasing the needed supplies. According to vice president of Phoenix Operations at Freedom Financial Network, Kevin Gallegos, having a list of supplies from the school is paramount. The next thing needed is a budget to ensure that spending is kept in check. Most stores conduct clearance sales when schools are about to open for a new year. Kevin advises parents to restrain from buying until such a time. In addition to the school supplies, it would be good to add items that will help the children in organizing their classroom requirements in one place. They include a hardback binder, binder dividers, and written planner among others.

For clothing purchases, timing when the prices go down saves a lot of money according to Grainne Kelly of BubbleBum. The month of April is ideal for buying winter clothes as most stores drop their prices in preparation for summer stocks. It would also be helpful to trade clothes that children have outgrown with other parents. When it comes to packing meals, it is advisable to let the kids do the job themselves. Having a meals timetable saves time. Other things parents need to monitor are homework to ensure that it is done on time and extracurricular activities to ensure they don’t obstruct school work.

Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is a leading debt resolution firm headquartered in San Mateo, California. This company is an affiliate unit of Freedom Financial Network. The Freedom Debt Relief manages a team of over 600 workers. Bradford and Andrew Houser unveiled this company back in 2002. Freedom Debt Financial negotiates for indebted clients who are going through a financial difficulty with the aim of avoiding bankruptcy.

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