Fabletics is changing the way we shop for clothing

Everyone loves to wear comfortable clothing. If those clothes can be trendy, stylish, and nice enough to wear out on all your daily errands, you have hit a goldmine of perfect clothing. Add in easy and quick shopping that makes your life simple and easy, you have a recipe for success. All of this can be found at Fabletics. The goal at Fabletics is for you to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so you can live your best life. To help achieve this, Fabletics offers quality active wear that is also comfortable and stylish. The best part is that their clothing is affordable.


Before Fabletics launched in 2013, with the help of Kate Hudson, if you wanted quality, comfortable, and trendy workout wear, you had to shop at the expensive brands. These brands were out of most people’s budget. If they went for the inexpensive brands, the clothing didn’t last or they were uncomfortable and dated. Fabletics has found such success with their membership subscription service, they are starting to open physical stores to serve their customers. In our increasingly online world, businesses are losing customers when they come in their stores, but then purchase the items online when they find them cheaper. Fabletics is using reverse showroom technique to have the online business and retail stores work together to build their brand. Customers come in their stores and items that are tried on are saved to their online shopping cart. They can then buy online or in store, it doesn’t matter to Fabletics. Their stores simply give their members a way to see and try on the clothing before they buy and gives Fabletics the opportunity to get to know the trends that are popular in the communities that they serve. Plus, approximately a quarter of those who enter their stores, become monthly members while in the store, creating a larger, loyal membership base.


Fabletics main business is their monthly membership subscription. To start, you receive a discounted outfit. You then receive hand picked outfit choices to pick from each month to have shipped to your for your low monthly fee. Thanks to the quiz that you take to determine your preferences and exercise habits, the styles and choices on their website are narrowed down to what you will like the most, making shopping quicker and easier. You also have the option to purchase items a la carte at a discounted price.


The main reason that members keep coming back month after month is the incredible quality that they receive for the price they pay. Their clothing is comfortable and thick, so no see-through issues will be a problem. Their clothes won’t fade in the wash, looking new after many workouts. They hold their compression and shape, so you will have that vital support you need while you workout and are active. Fabletics clothing will keep you comfortable and stylish after many workouts and provide you the support you need, even after many times through the washing machine.

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