Everyday Lies With Wengie

If you think that no one tells a lie here and there, then watch a few of the videos that Wengie has posted. There are several simple lies that people tell on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, just that you are caught in the art of fibbing about things you do each day.


One of the common lies that people tell is that they are going to just look inside a store. A few hours later, they leave the store with several bags and purchases that they didn’t plan to make. Another common lie is that you don’t have anything to wear. People often say this while looking in a closet and searching through several shirts, dresses, jeans and other pieces of clothing but simply don’t want to wear what they have.


Some people tell teachers and others around them that they aren’t playing games on a phone. They could even be reading a book, but they will have the phone hidden inside the book with the volume turned down on the phone to play the game. It’s a common lie that is told to parents and teachers when they ask if you’re doing your homework. You can also play games while in the bathroom as long as you tell others that you’re not done. Another thing that people do is pretend to laugh at a joke or something funny that is taking place in a movie or television show. This works well if you’re in a large group and you want to blend in with everyone else.


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