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Eric Pulier: Tech Founder And Now Seed Funder

Eric Pulier has been busy on the cloud computing front and is a co-author of the college textbook “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” But he’s turning his focus into the future even more with his new seed funding of a company known as vAtomic Systems. This Santa Monica company is working to build new disruptive apps for business world that use gaming technology and other security encryption tools as solutions. Pulier has talked about how Uber made use of satellite and GPS technology to change transportation industry, and he believes soon blockchain technology and bitcoins will change how central economies work.

Eric Pulier was a computer explorer as a young man growing up in Teaneck, NJ and was already building database systems in high school. He wrote pieces for the Harvard Crimson while attending Harvard University and also took advanced computer courses over at MIT. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988 and moved to Los Angeles three years later. Pulier became the founder of a video interactive marketing agency known as Digital Evolution, and under this company he worked closely with many well-known companies including Microsoft and Toyota, and he also worked with former President Bill Clinton’s global initiative organization. In 1997 Eric Pulier even launched the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. during the reelection festivities.

In 1998 Pulier became Chairman of US Interactive, LLC after that company made a deal to buyout Digital Evolution. During his time at US Interactive Pulier began designing SOA software that included Media Platform and Akana, a subsidiary that designed different enterprise systems. He later founded Desktone, a system later bought out by VMware, and ServiceMesh, a large enterprise software system bought out the Computer Sciences Corporation. He also joined Starbright World and several motion picture companies who turned children’s hospitals across the US into high quality social media platforms that allowed patients to communicate with each other and enjoy 3D simulations. Pulier was named as a Top 30 eVisionary by CRN Magazine’s VAR Business group, and he also became a founding member of the Enterprise Leadership Council now known as TM Forum.

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