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Equities First Holdings & The French Tribune

The French Tribune has many articles on the company Equities First Holdings and the one that was interesting was about their UK move. In 2012, Equities First Holdings moved to London where they have stayed and did well. The Equities First Holdings London office has already been involved with two big public agreements which brought in a lot of money. Their move to London was during their globalization year, in 2014, and the also opened offices around the world including Australia. The CEO of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy Jr, seems to be very pleased with the company and the success at the UK. He stated that he is impressed with the London office and they are spearheading towards the goal of reaching 100 million dollars. He is looking forward to his company continuing to keep lending to further investment in the large European professional market. Equities First Holdings is a lending company who uses shares as collateral and this has been a proven method that works for them.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/organization/equities-first-usa

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