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EOS Bypasses Generic Lip Balm and Shows Signs of Growth

Generic lip balm has been around for years. The average man, for example, may buy lip chap products, but many of them do not even know what they are getting. It would take a company like EOS to enter the market and get right down to the truth of the matter: men are not the biggest buyers of lip balm products. If men were not buying lip balm products it was obvious that the target market to focus on was women.

Generic products have come and gone in the lip balm industry. For many people off brands that were sold in stores may have been enough for most women to get by. The Chapstick brand was something that people recognized because it has been around for years. This product has a name that gets right to the point. It was easy for this company to grab the attention of the other consumers that wanted something more than generic products.

The reality, however, is that EOS is a company with a product that has made it possible to think about lip balm in a different way. It is the company that has risen above the generic companies that are selling lip chap products. Even the design of the EOS lip balm sphere container shows that this is a company that has unique spin on lip balm products.

The sphere was a sign of great product design. Fewer companies have the ability to duplicate this and sell on eBay the cheaper generic knockoffs. There is also a lot to be said for the name of the company. The Evolution of Smooth makes people think of smooth lips, and that sounds a lot more appealing than Chapstick. It sounds like Chapstick is just helping people avoid chapped lips. Evolution of Smooth, however, gives you access to smoother lips. For more information, visit the website and Linked In ( page.

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