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Eli Gershkovitch Is The CEO Of Steamworks Brewery

At one time, the domestic beer that was mass marketed was highly popular among the drinking population. Several beer empires came up. But times have changed.


Eli Gershkovitch feels that the golden age has come for craft beer. Rather than the mass-marketed domestic beer, young people all across the globe are opting for craft beers. This has made the huge corporate beer companies lose out to micro-breweries that are enjoying much greater profits now.


It is still not clear why the demand for craft beer is increasing at such a rapid pace (LinkedIn). Eli Gershkovitch feels that this can be due to a rise in cosmopolitan culture all across the world. Hence people have started appreciating diverse flavors more. Whatever the reason is, the mass-marketed domestic beer companies are fast losing out to craft breweries as well as wineries.


Another thing pointed out by Eli Gershkovitch is that most of the producers of craft beer have much smaller operations as compared to the mass-marketing producers ( This would indicate that consumers would have to buy from various small breweries. The Devil’s Backbone along with Hardywood remains as the most popular craft breweries in the US.


Earlier, connoisseurs were attracted to wine and not to beer. But the diversity available in beer along with the brewing methods has managed to attract sophisticated consumers. Now the dedicated enthusiasts are regularly trying out new lagers, besides coffee stouts, India pale ales, along with such other varieties of beer and finding the perfect beverage.

Now the breweries are competing against each other with creative beer options. These competitions across the globe include the U.S. Open Beer Championship in which Eli Gershkovitch had participated.


In the U.S. Open Beer Championship, the competition is based on beer categories. In 2017, Canada managed to make a huge impact by presenting a wide range of beers of high-quality. There were 24 medals that were won by Canadian breweries.


Steamworks that is led by Eli Gershkovitch also managed to impress judges by presenting various popular craft beers. Steamworks has always been known for its craft beer in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch has managed to revolutionize beer scene in Canada this way.


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