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Recently as mentioned on PR Newswire, criminal justice tech company Securus has unleashed what many experts are calling the most progressive, state of the art tool crafted specifically for providing a wide range of technological solutions for Corrections facilities. It should be noted that Securus Technologies is a much celebrated organization, paving the way for other companies concerned with technology related to the justice system. As a company, Securus is largely concerned with monitoring, safety, and investigatory matters. Their most recent, highly lauded creation is known as THREADS 3.1, an analytical tool concerned with what is known in the corrections market universe as ‘Big Data‘. THREADS has undergone tremendous changes, advancing into what is now the most functional, user-friendly system available. Essentially, the essential elements of the technology, the groundbreaking analytical aspects of the tool are in place and working better than ever, but now with increasingly easier to use interface sure to make many people’s lives a lot easier. Once users can navigate a network like THREADS with comfort and ease, a massive door is opened for improved technology in general, and with companies like Securus active, and constantly delivering terrific products, the sky is the limit. The latest form of THREADS includes an update to HTML 5 from Silverlight, thus facilitating the inclusion of other Securus technology into the mix, namely what is known as SCP or ‘Secure Call Platform’ which provides help to investigators with the totally comprehensive and usable addition. At the end of the day, the emergence of THREADS 3.1 shows that Securus is a company preoccupied with consistency and quality, still determined to break new ground.

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  1. Brett Wrangler Post author

    Fans of THREADS are bound to be thrilled by the fact that Securus will update their customers older systems to the 3.1 platform for no money whatsoever. It is hopefully a nice way for to do the needful and also make sure all things take place so decently.

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