Dr. Mark Holterman is a surgeon and pediatrician Who is Committed to Helping Patients through Charity

Cases of type 2 diabetes in kids of less than 20 years has been on the rise in the United States. This is an issue of concern for Dr. Mark Holterman, a surgeon, and pediatrician associated with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), who feels that a solution to it must be found soon. He was among the doctors who actively took part in a diabetes sensitization program that was conducted in September this year as a joint effort by ADA and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The initiative was dubbed the Camp Power Up and sought to curb the rising cases of diabetes among children by sensitizing them and encouraging them to live a healthy life. According to Dr. Mark Holterman, the disease can be eradicated by having kids eating healthy food and engaging in activities that get their young bodies physically fit.


The Camp Power Up was both intensive and extensive. Kids of between ages 8 and 16 would attend day camps where they would spend the day with Dr. Holterman and other doctors ( The program would then be extended to include after-school activities for the kids. Doctors would also pitch camp at churches and parks to reach out to every vulnerable kid out there.


The Sunshine Foundation


Besides working with ADA, Mark Holterman was instrumental in the establishment of the Sunshine Foundation as well as the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. The latter is a non-profit organization that seeks to help out in finding solutions in cellular and regenerative therapies. The organization came about following successful cellular and regenerative therapies at Celltex Therapeutics and a couple of other biotechnology firms. One of the patients who was being treated at Celltex Therapeutics had a condition known as idiopathic arthritis and dysautonomia.

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About Dr. Mark Holterman


Dr. Mark Holterman’s defining qualifications in the field of medicine include a Ph.D. in medicine and immunology as well as an MD from the University of Virginia. From 2012, he has been practicing medicine at Mariam Global Health- a clinic based in Chicago in which he also serves as CEO.


Before Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark Holterman had spent several years as a pediatric surgeon at Rush University Medical Center. Today, Dr. Mark is a professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine.

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