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Different People Succeeds In Different Areas, For Igor Cornelsen Stock Markets Is His Area

Igor Cornelsen is an outstanding investor and a retired banker. Currently, he works at the Bainbridge Group, an investment company that deals with foreign exchange investment and stock markets. Igor has made a name for himself back in his home country Brazil, as one of the prominent bankers. He has held respectable positions in major banks in Brazil. At one time, he was controlling a significant fraction of Brazil entire economy. Currently, he spends 50% of his time in Brazil and the other half in South Florida, a locale that is perfect for his golf hobby. Drawing from his vast experience throughout his career in financial institutions, he sometimes works as a consultant for both investing and banking industry.

Different people succeed in different areas more than others do, for Igor stock market is his area. Igor Cornelsen has taken the time to learn how stock markets works, and what it takes to succeed in the stock market. He knows about stock market more than most people who claim to know about stock markets. He is wise, and whatever he say about stock markets need to be taken carefully.

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One thing that Igor is very insistent on is that stocks market does not guarantee anything. People should not put all their investment money in one place. They should divide their investment into multiple companies if they want to stand a better chance of succeeding in the stock market. New investors make a huge mistake, they often want a big return for their money, and thus they end up over committing to one particular stock. Further, he holds the view that investment is a long-term game. He regards the perception that stock is like a lottery game as very ridiculous. Stock market calls for long-term investment strategies that pay off.

Igor Cornelsen is a long-term investor, and he has been in the game of making profits that last lifetime. He argues that one gets 500% returns and even more when committed to making an investment a career move, something that one should prepare to do for many decades. Thus is why according to Igor, the first big tip to succeed in stock market is to change how one view stock market. It is not a place to earn quick money, but a place to invest money intelligently.

When someone has a wealth of experience in the particular field, I feel they should share what they have learned over the years in an attempt to help others to be successful too. I respect Igor for taking time out and look out for others. I respect him more for his willingness to share with new investors what he has learned in his entire career. His advice on stock market comes as a seasoned gift to newcomers in the stock market industry.

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