David McDonald, OSI Group food

David McDonald President of OSI Group

Food Products is something that we need everyday and till this day we still do!,He see’s his customer’s as family, he usually keeps a low profile but gradually his business has been noticed just by spreading the word.David McDonald has been the president of OSI since 1987 (30 years) and still current.

That is a lot of commitment to make for the OSI Group food production, and why is that?

David McDonald has went to college at Iowa state University for animal science and has advance experiences on processing,food product,Development Food,Industry of food Processing, Ingredients, Business Strategy Food,Service Food, Safety Food, New Business Development,Strategic planning,supply chain Management,Operations Management,Manufacturing Process,Improvement Inventory Management Cross-functional Team Leadership Retail Continuous,Improvement,Forecasting,Meat Marketing Strategy, HACCP, Customer Service,Supply chain, agribusiness, Income Statement Agriculture, Quality Assurance Food, Science Mergers Management Dairy Team,Building Contract, Negotiation Negotiation Sales,Management Budgets Purchasing, for the North American institution. He ensure’s that we have the best and safety food products to other Institutions for us to purchase at stores to supply. David McDonald is also a meat supplier for the Chinese market started in 1992. Over the years, David has helped to advance the company’s expansionary efforts by providing business strategies that have resulted in the establishment of new processing facilities in the Far East country. The company is the primary supplier, proceeding food to the McDonald’s and other major food retail brands.

David McDonald is in charge of 56 processing facilities owned by OSI Group. OSI continues to open more facilities in different parts of the world. Also, David McDonald says regarding the acquisition of Baho Food business in Europe will expand. With the goodwill that the OSI has with customers and suppliers, it will accelerate a faster move in realizing the dreams of their far-reaching products. If your looking for more information here are a few websites:

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