Dallas Philanthropy of James Dondero

The name of Mr. James Dondero is quite popular in the Dallas city Fort Worth. He co-founded one of the largest investment firms in Dallas – Highland Capital Management. Mr. James Dondero has been the President of the Highland Management since the company was created ten years ago.


Mr. James Dondero has been strongly dedicated to philanthropy work as well. He is devoted to giving back to the community of Fort Worth and Dallas as a whole. He has been a supporter of projects that have the purpose of developing the community. Mr. James Dondero has funded the construction and renovation of many schools, universities, and shelters, as well as most of the most significant attraction spots of the state of Dallas.


One of the latest philanthropy projects that Mr. James Dondero has been working on includes a partnership with the Dallas Zoo. The hippo outpost of the zoo had been in need of a reconstruction and a re-launch. For the first time in 15 years the Dallas Zoo had not had a single hippo but with the funding of Mr. James Dondero the hippo outpost is intact again and The Hippo Habitat opened doors in the beginning of spring 2017 – 28 Apr. The project was put into motion in 2016. Mr. James Dondero made a donation of a million dollars. The last hippo at the Dallas Zoo was called Papa. Papa died in 2001 and the hippo outpost had been abandoned for the next few years.


Mr. James Dondero is currently based in Dallas. He is known as a pioneer of the famous part of investments – Collateralized Loan Obligation. The Collateralized Loan Obligation is currently used by most of the larger banks, lending firms, and so on. As the president of the investment firm of Highland capital Management, Mr. James Dondero has many responsibilities. Some of them include overseeing the effectiveness of the business and the steadiness of growth. Mr. James Dondero has had decades of experience. He is also Chairman of NexBank and a chairman and member of a few other Boards as well. He received a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia.

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