ClassDojo App Leading in The Education Sector

ClassDojo has won many praises and accolades since its inception including the best education startup in 2015 and 2013 it was voted among the top 10 Most Innovative Education Companies. The help has been significant to teachers as it has helped them solve their biggest problem which is class management. It has made it possible through real-time feedback and online feedback. ClassDojo was founded back in 2011 and was designed to be different from other education tech platforms.
Sam Chaudhary who is a former teacher and an education analyst, and Liam Don a game developer who has a Ph.D. in education technology are the co-founders of ClassDojo. In just the first year of testing, the app was able to attract more than 3.5 million teachers and students in over 30 countries. It also managed to raise more than $1.6 from investors among them Paul Graham and Learn Capital of Y Combinator.
ClassDojo is without a doubt given teachers, students and parents a unique platform as most of their growth has been through word of mouth. Teachers have been significant in the growth of ClassDojo as they have campaigned for the app and helped it to go viral.
ClassDojo is an app that manages behavior in the classroom. The app helps teachers assign each student profile, complete with an avatar. It is then used for award the point to students based on their behavior whether positive or negative.
The app is available for Apple devices; Android devices you can also visit ClassDojo website to get the program and is also free. The tech has many advantages, most importantly is that it allows parents to monitor their kid’s progress constantly since they get real time reports.
The recent report that ClassDojo had raised $21 million in Series B to undertake the project for the tech couldn’t be more welcomed. The tech will be improved further to help parents to observe the progress of their children at all times. Teachers will also continuously inform the parents of the students’ progress.
The founders of ClassDojo also reported that they would not use data to make revenue since they respect the privacy of all children. They plan to create premium features and contents instead which parents can choose to pay for.
ClassDojo future will indeed be great and parents could even be able to use mobile phones to pay for their kids’ school activities.


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    The program is easy to operate and can be operated from a smartphone, tablet computer or a smartboard. When a teacher awards point to students a sound that is usually optional plays to alert the students. I have the things desired for to get all that they can too for them.

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