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Philanthropist George Soros Hires Dawn Fitzpatrick To Run His Family Hedge Fund

George Soros is an 86-year-old rock star in the financial industry. He is also a legend in political circles. And when it comes to giving economic advice to foreign leaders, there is no one better than Hungarian-born George Soros. But Soros is more than a high-flying hedge fund investors who leaves no stone unturned in the investment business. George gives his money away through his Open Society Foundation. Soros is not afraid to let his money do the talking in countries that abuse human rights, and are under the control of fanatics who loathe democracy, and all it stands for. Getting a handle on the different facets of the George Soros mentality can be a challenge until you know his story. Soros is one of those born leaders. He takes a leadership role because he uses what some people call a “sixth sense.” He uses his sixth sense when he…

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The Credibility of Aloha Constructions in offering its Services

Aloha Construction is a family-owned architectural company that deals in buildings and construction. It is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois where it started as a small firm and has grown to become successful over the years. The company is currently headed by David Farbarky who is the President. He has invented policies that help in the growth of the industry to ensure that they get to meet their targets. Aloha Construction strives at upholding outstanding expertise, integrity in their construction business and also building and maintaining strong bonds with their clients and suppliers. Under the leadership of their Chief Executive officer, they are assured of successful constructions due to his diligence in delegating duties to their contractors and sales team who ensure that the demands of their customers are met within the stipulated time. Some of the services that they provide include roofing of houses, installation of gutters, fixing and…

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Market America’s UnFranchise is Removing the Worries Over Head

Market America is a product brokerage and online marketing company. The company’s ultimate aim is to provide people with opportunities to gain financial independence by allowing them to operate their own businesses. The most innovative feature of Market America has provided is called UnFranchise. Market America UnFranchise is allowing individuals to operate businesses without some of the restrictions they may likely encounter in trying to operate a typical franchise. Some of those restrictions may include fees, location restrictions, and monthly royalties to be paid. Individuals can then be unburdened by some of the financial worries that often accompany trying to run a franchise business. In regards to earning income Market America UnFranchise provides people with three options. Individuals who wish to operate a business can sell products through the Market America web portal, which has been optimized to help ensure customers are able to find what they are looking for….

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José Auriemo Neto Works With JHSF on Real Estate Deals

Commercial real estate is a booming industry in the nation of Brazil today. With so much economic activity happening, it is a great time to start investing. Investors need to make sure they have a plan in place before investing. Brazil has a volatile economy, and investors can lose money quickly if they are not careful. When José Auriemo Neto started investing in commercial real estate, many people thought that he was crazy. However, he has made a lot of money in the process and is now looking to the future for more opportunities. Early Life Growing up in Brazil was tough many years ago. The country has come a long way from where it was at that time. José Auriemo Neto grew up in poverty, and he had to work hard just to go to school. He did not want to repeat the mistakes of people in his local…

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Anthony Petrello Is a Powerful Businessman

Anthony Petrello has built a very successful career for himself in the oil industry. He is now the main man in charge of Nabors Industries Ltd. This is a company that makes most of its money by looking for gas and oil in the ground. Anthony took over the role of president of this company in 1991. He is now the Chief Executive Officer. The company was not doing very well when Anthony came on board. However, it has thrived under his leadership. He has made many changes which were long overdo. These changes have helped to lower expenditures and increase the profits of the company by a huge margin. Anthony was originally a lawyer who earned his law degree from Harvard. He attended law school after getting a degree in math from Yale. He worked in New York City handling corporate law cases. He did this for a dozen…

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Bob Reina Writes Second Article For MarTech Advisor

Bob Reina was requested to write a second article for the online publication called Martech Advisor. Mr. Reina is an entrepreneur who founded the company, Talk Fusion in 2004 that provides video marketing solutions to people and businesses. Martech Advisor is an online publication that is widely read by marketing leaders and advertising executives. Bob Reina’s first article that he published at Martech Advisor was one of the publication’s most widely read articles in 2016.   The first article that Bob Reina published for Martech Advisor was called Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits. It was widely viewed by leading advertising executives and subscribers to Martech Advisor from all over the world. Now within a period of a year Bob Reina was asked and has published a second article called Video Advertising Trends of 2017. This article looks into the most popular and innovative trends in video marketing that…

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall| The Shopping and Entertainment Hub

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian developer and entrepreneur. He started involving in business activities at a very tender age when he began a cartonnage company. The company was designing and manufacturing cardboard folding cartons which Roberto later sold to several companies. Since then, he has moved to real estate and development business. The Manaira Shopping Mall In 1989, He bought a large chunk of land in Joao Pessoa and developed Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, the city’s most iconic building. The mall which took two years to complete is not only the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba but also harbors a variety of shopping options and family entertainment hubs. Many residents of the city find their way to the mall on a daily basis to enjoy the range of services offered. Manaira Mall features a variety of shopping options, gaming rooms, an education center, a theater, a…

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The Philanthropic Endeavors of the DeVos Family Foundation

Betsy DeVos is the chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a non-for-profit organization started by her and her husband. The organizations philanthropic endeavors span to several different areas all dedicated to spurring positive social changes. Her active involvement has seen her participate in several organizations such has the DeVos Institute for Arts Management as well as the Foundation for Excellence in Education. One of Betsy DeVos’ more recent focuses has been on education reform. She is a strong proponent of education choice. She is a passionate member and acting chairman of both the Alliance for School Choice as well as the American Federation for Children. In an interview with Philanthropy Magazine, Mrs. DeVos cites her children as her inspiration for these projects. Having the privilege to send her children to a school of their choice, Mrs. DeVos saw the critical importance of that decision first hand. Since…

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Adam Milstein and His Work

Adam Milstein came from very humble beginnings and continues to live a humble life by choice. He has dedicated the majority of his life to charity and is a philanthropist in every aspect of the word. He works to make sure that less fortunate people have what they need and he does so through the charities that he has. The charitable foundation that he currently has works to help people who are in hard times and who may not be able to have the resources that they need to be successful in life or even to survive. This has made a major impact on him and has allowed him the chance to meet many people. He has used these connections to ensure that he is able to provide even more charitable help to the people that he works with. This has given him great joy and has allowed him to…

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James Dondero is a Local Giver

James Dondero is founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, and as a giver on a national and local level, he’s become known for his local vision in particular. He has recently taken that proactive business approach to a new level through his partnership with The Dallas Foundation, which specializes in giving. Dondero’s local vision is to improve North Texas, and Dallas in particular, making it a better place to live. And The Dallas Foundation has connections to many non-profit partners that they seek to connect with people like Dondero. Dondero’s vision for giving includes being sure to make allowances for gifts to be renewed every year. This helps many non-profits get off the ground, and they need this sustaining gift to stay in action as a viable non-profit. Dondero’s special attention to this makes perfect sense for this type of giving is valuable in the long run. Recently, Dondero…