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Adam Milstein Philanthropic Mission

Adam Milstein originated from Israel. He is currently the Managing Partner at the Hager Pacific Properties. This is a real estate firm that is based in California. Adam Milstein has attained incredible success working in the real estate industry. He has served in this industry for the last 35 years. His success is based on his dedication, discipline, and hard work. He ventured in this career as a broker after his graduation from the University of Southern California where he attained a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. In his endeavors, Milstein came to realize that his financial success can’t earn him any happiness unless he invests some of it in others. This was after his colleague in Hager Pacific Properties introduced him to the world of philanthropy. Adam Milstein had the pride of his roots and origin; he cherished his identity as an Israel American. While he was in the United…

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Sheldon Lavin Story of Perseverance

OSI group is currently ranked as the leading firms in the world thanks to its current president and CEO Sheldon Lavin. The company that was started some 100 years ago by a German immigrant Otto Kalchowsky has now expanded to over 16 countries around the world. Sheldon might not have been there at the beginning but his time at the company and his involvement with it is one to be admired. The man started in the banking sector and running his own consultancy firm when he came into paths with the company. The company at that time called Otto and sons was looking to expand into international markets. He joined first as a partner in the 1970s before joining permanently later on. He attributed this attraction to the culture he witnessed at the company of treating each worker as a family, a culture he still maintains up to date. When…

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Sheldon Lavin: Growing with OSI

Sheldon Lavin is a name that figures largely in the multi-billion dollar food manufacturing industry. This financier, businessman, and philanthropist majored in accounting and finance and received his a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Roosevelt University of Chicago. He is now the well-known and acclaimed CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group, LLC. OSI is one of the leading companies in the prepared foods industry, with over 60 location across more than 16 countries. What is less well known about Mr. Lavin is that he was an investor in the company when it was still a small local business called Otto and Sons. They had hired him as a financial consultant and he, seeing the potential for growth, had provided money for expansion. Under Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s direction and vision OSI Group morphed from a small, local business to one of the largest prepared foods companies in the world….

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OSI Group under the Leadership of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has served for over a decade in OSI Group, and he is currently the chief executive officer and the chairman of the company. Sheldon is also the president of OSI International food ltd. Lavin has extensive leadership skills that helped develop Otto and Sons. He also financed the company and transformed it, later the company was renamed as OSI Group. Otto and sons was just a small domestic food processing organization but with passion, the leadership and his skills, he transformed the company into an international industry leader. The company now operates in 60 countries across the globe. Due to his incredible and expertise accomplishment in the organization, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a global visionary award in February 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy. The award ceremony was held in Gujarat, India at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sheldon said that it was an honor to…

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Tony Petrello Goes Out Of His Way To Help Houston This Last Fall

Tony Petrello probably isn’t mentioned enough for his acts of kindness and generosity both to employees in his company and to people around Houston. It was put on display this last fall when Hurricane Harvey hit the city hard and left many people without homes, and those who did still have their homes went without power and water for days. Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, and in the days following the hurricane’s strike he granted company employees time off to take care of their families if affected by it, and time to volunteer in the cleanup operations with compensation for it. Petrello also helped start a company fundraiser which he pledged to match funds for, and he ended up giving over $173,000 to relief. As the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello manages one of the largest US oil drilling companies with stations located all around the globe,…

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How David McDonald Has Been Expanding OSI Groups International Presence

David McDonald is a businessman who lives in the greater Chicago area. He holds an undergraduate degree in animal science that he acquired at Iowa State University in 1987. Once he graduated he went into the food processing industry. He started working for OSI Group, LLC and like many people at this company he has made the choice to spend his entire career there, eventually becoming a project manager. He is now this company’s president and chief operating officer. He also serves on the board of directors. Beyond OSI Group, David McDonald is involved in the food industry in a number of ways. For example, he is the chairman of the board for the North American Meat Institute. He once worked for Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director. He has extensive experience in business management, operations, environmental responsibility, and food safety he has garnered over the course of…

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Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt does his best to help businesses grow and thrive. He puts in a lot of hard work to do what he does and is looked up to as a great person. This is very important because as an individual he wants to be remembered as a good honest person. He has been able to create organizations that have thriven by good honest hard work. Sawyer Howitt has a keen sense on how business operates and does his part to help it thrive and succeed. He helps other people see there true potential and really wants to help make a difference. He has been able to create philanthropic organizations and is very keen on what he sets his mind to do. He was also a great racquetball player with a lot of potential. He put a lot of hard work into hisself as a player and helped his team…

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Whitney Wolfe And Her Impact On The World Of Online Dating

In a world full of technological advancements, it seems that the practice of online dating was inevitable. Luckily, there are many talented app creators that can make the experience of online dating a good one. Whitney Wolfe set out to address a problem that online dating users had complained about, which was sexual harassment. This complaint was made by both female and male app users, however, the occurrence was much higher among females. With the goal to help eliminate this harassment issue, Whitney Wolfe created Bumble, a dating app led by females. Bumble requires that the female in the match initiate conversation (within 24 hours), which helps decrease the amount of unwanted pictures and messages being sent to women on the app. Also, it allows women to show their interest quickly, without being perceived as needy. Surprising enough, there seems to be an equal amount of female and male users…

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Bob Reina Writes Second Article For MarTech Advisor

Bob Reina was requested to write a second article for the online publication called Martech Advisor. Mr. Reina is an entrepreneur who founded the company, Talk Fusion in 2004 that provides video marketing solutions to people and businesses. Martech Advisor is an online publication that is widely read by marketing leaders and advertising executives. Bob Reina’s first article that he published at Martech Advisor was one of the publication’s most widely read articles in 2016.   The first article that Bob Reina published for Martech Advisor was called Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits. It was widely viewed by leading advertising executives and subscribers to Martech Advisor from all over the world. Now within a period of a year Bob Reina was asked and has published a second article called Video Advertising Trends of 2017. This article looks into the most popular and innovative trends in video marketing that…

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The Many Positions of Felipe Montoro Jens

The world of finance is a board one, with many different areas and expertise. There are countless individuals who work in finance and they are in every corner of the world. There are many types of finance such as banking, secured lending, acquisitions, and investments on The individuals who work in investments, work hard to ensure that their client’s money and stocks are secured and making a significant amount of money. Business leaders in investments also work with corporations and multi-million dollar companies in securing business deals and large investments on to make sure the corporation or company is successful. International investing is different playing field. The field may have different rules and regulations but the core is the same: acquiring successful investments. Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian finance professional who is the Chief Finance Officer of Odebrecht S.A. Mr. Felipe Monitor Jens is the responsible party…