Cassio Audi and Life in Music

Cassio Audi and Life in Music
Cassio Audi is a renowned expert in the business world. However, Cassio has also tried a hand in other areas that many people may not know. During his teenage years, he was a famous professional musician, more specifically, a drummer in a Brazilian Metal Band. The band was formed around 1985 by a group of teenagers with a profound interest in heavy metal which was increasingly gaining widespread popularity in Brazil. The band went by the name, Viper, and played a significant role in the growth of heavy metal in Latin America. Although lacking formal education in music, the talented teenagers rocked the airwaves in the late 80s. In fact, the group is still active having changed thprough the past decades.

Cassio left the group around the year 1989. By this time, the Band had received international recognition having done concerts in other parts of the world. Initially, the Band performed in local shows as they tried to spread their style of music strongly influenced by a British band known as “Iron Maiden.” They went ahead to release their first album known as “Killer Sword” comprising mainly of demo songs. Cassio played a crucial role in composing and actual production of songs through his excellent drumming skills. Some people have regarded him as one of the best drummers in the Brazilian music scene. Besides, he was actively involved in the marketing of the band in Brazil and overseas.
The band released their second and third album christened, Soldiers of Sunrise and Theatre of Fate respectively. The new records led to increased popularity both locally and internationally. He was however not actively involved in their third album. Cassio’s thirst for education informed his decision to quit the group to join the university. It is quite difficult to talk about Cassio Audi’s life without mentioning his early life in music.

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