Businessman and Philanthropist Greg Secker


Greg Secker is the founder of the aptly named Greg Secker Foundation, a nonprofit organization predicated on improving the lives of people around the world. Secker is an entrepreneur highly skilled in the world of trading; he possesses a career background that traverses multiple continents, as well as corporations. Secker started his career at Thomas Cook Financial services, where he was a trading technologist, before moving on to foreign exchange; his success in this sector led to the creation of The Virtual Trading Desk, which is regarded as the first Forex trading platform. This platform was considered revolutionary, as it provided an online Forex trading system that worked in real-time, enabling traders to receive foreign exchange quotes based on active transactions. Greg attended the University of Nottingham from 1993-1997, where he studied Animal Physiology with European Studies, but obviously, the business world proved to be much more enticing.


Following his success with The Virtual Trading Desk, Secker would go on to occupy the role of Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, a role which would bolster his experience with international trading centers, and also allow him to travel. The opportunity allowed him to increase his knowledge of trading, which would soon open even more doors for the English businessman. Following his tenure with Mellon, Secker founded Learn to Trade, which is regarded as a global leader in trading education. Learn to Trade is has offices located in London, Australia, and South Africa, and has provided trading education to more than 200,000 students through its seminars and workshops.


Secker has been lauded for not only his business achievements but also his philanthropic work; in a article, he was regarded as an “iron man with a heart of gold.” The trading guru was praised for his travels to disaster-struck communities where he helped build villages, and also for his collaborative work with The Starkey Hearing Foundation, where he personally handed out hearing aids in Africa. In an effort to continue with his theme of giving back, Greg Secker has fully immersed himself into his organization. He has vowed to help people fulfill their potential, and plans on accomplishing this through various programs, like the Youth Leadership Summit which is intended to help children 13 to 17 years old.


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