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Bob Reina Writes Second Article For MarTech Advisor

Bob Reina was requested to write a second article for the online publication called Martech Advisor. Mr. Reina is an entrepreneur who founded the company, Talk Fusion in 2004 that provides video marketing solutions to people and businesses. Martech Advisor is an online publication that is widely read by marketing leaders and advertising executives. Bob Reina’s first article that he published at Martech Advisor was one of the publication’s most widely read articles in 2016.


The first article that Bob Reina published for Martech Advisor was called Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits. It was widely viewed by leading advertising executives and subscribers to Martech Advisor from all over the world. Now within a period of a year Bob Reina was asked and has published a second article called Video Advertising Trends of 2017. This article looks into the most popular and innovative trends in video marketing that occurred in 2016. They are described and analyzed in the article and insight is offered by Bob Reina on how companies can use these new trends in video marketing to boost their business sales.


In response to the request from Martech Advisor and demand from readers, Bob Reina said that he is happy to share his insight with fellow entrepreneurs and advertisers. Reina believes that understanding and being able to use video technology in today’s business climate is imperative. His article also touches upon the subject that now is indeed the time to start using video marketing in company advertisements as our world becomes more digital and interactive.


To give you a sneak peek of what Reina’s Martech Advisor article delves into, Reina says that video marketing can be more than just a tool, but an incredibly valuable asset that can really boost sales. Reina also said that he hopes his article will make more people realize that they can benefit from the rapidly growing and evolving field of video marketing.


Since first coming up with the idea of a video email in 2004 to solve a personal problem, Reina has seen his idea explode all across business and in the world. He says he predicted the rise of the video marketing and video sharing sector and he believes that it will only continue to grow well into the future. This is why companies and marketing executives need to realize that they need to get on board with video marketing or face an uphill battle against competitors that utilize it.

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