Bob Reina- a Philanthropist with No Limit


People who are conversant with Bob Reina describe him as humorous, fun loving and a charismatic speaker. He is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. His primary mission is to change lives. Bob Reina started the Talk Fusion in 2007. Since then, he has done great philanthropic works of giving back to the community all over the world. The most outstanding contribution being the one million dollar donation he did to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. His charitable acts are so evident throughout. He recently allowed his Associates to donate one free account to a charity of their choice.



A great motivator


Bob Reina is also recognized as a great motivator; He always pushes for motivation that makes a difference. The employees understand Bob Reina as a leader that leads by an example. He is seen as a mentor to many individuals. Many want to emulate him in every aspect. Bob Reina dedication to each of his missions bore fruits to great success. Talk Fusion is ranked among top 50 companies by DSA-Direct Selling Association. Talk his power talks have extensive views online, and they receive great feedback. This comes with his significant following in the social media including Facebook. He is also admired for his down to earth value, with his great success he doesn’t brag or view it as a title of being rich. He sees great success as a great responsibility. He and his wife joined the human society.



Great impact to society


Bob Reina noticed the importance of communication in conducting business. He introduced an excellent Video Webinar service to his company Talk Fusion. The service is currently the 7th largest in video communications and the fastest growing. As the service being one of Talk fusion’s products, it’s doing well in the market individuals who are using the service are giving excellent feedback. Bob Reina is also as a lover of animals. He donated funding to an animal orphanage in Indonesia. Bob Reina also went a step further to help find a new dog in a K-9 unit to protect citizens in his community in Florida. His love animals can’t be hidden he also brings his dog to the office. Bob Reina is not only influenced to help out people his heart also goes out to protecting animals.




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