Avi Weisfogel: From Dentist to Philanthropist to Artist

Avi Weisfogel began his eclectic, distinguished career as a New Jersey-based dentist, following an illustrious education at both Rutgers and NYU, and consistently maintained the highest quality care for his patients year after year. So inspired was he by promoting oral wellness that he began a GoFundMe page to raise money for Operation Smile, a well-established charity that provides necessary surgeries to disadvantaged people born with cleft lips and palettes in over 60 countries. Beyond supporting healthy mouths worldwide, he’s just as passionate about getting a good night’s sleep; for over sixteen years, Avi Weisfogel has studied sleep apnea and other disorders impacting rest, correlating those mechanics and principles directly to dentistry. Most recently, he added a program called Dental Sleep Masters to his lengthy list of lecture and training education, allowing fellow medical professionals to better understand how sleep issues impact overall oral health.

In addition to his packed professional and charity schedule, Weisfogel manages to find time to indulge in yet another of his many passions – hip-hop music. Although this is a more recent pursuit of his, a mastery of rhythm and a real ear for sound is evident beginning to end in the songs that he composes and that natural talent seems to be paying off in spades. Weisfogel has a burgeoning following across all social media platforms, from Facebook to Soundcloud, and though some of his fans are certainly satisfied patients that stem from his accomplished medical career, some are undoubtedly impressed by his artistry. His undoubted proficiency in understanding dental concepts has translated seamlessly into an impressive musical ability, making Avi Weisfogel a force to be reckoned with.

When he’s not striving to improve his industry or producing songs with a dance-worthy beat, Weisfogel is truly a regular guy, proudly born and bred in New Jersey where he still resides. He enjoys keeping up with hockey, Pink Floyd, and keeps very busy with his wife and the six children they share. He’s a frequent Twitter user, utilizing yet another method to reach an audience and educate them about the causes that he is excited about. Avi Weisfogel continues to conquer and dominate every field he enters, and to do so in a way that benefits the bodies, lives, and consciousness of the general public.

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