Financial Advisers

Madison Street Capital Helps ARES Security Corporation to Find an Ideal Financing Partner

Early in January 2017, ARES Security Corporation was privileged to receive financial advisory services from Madison Street Capital. The international investment banking entity, Madison, helped to arrange a subordinated debt and minority equity investment for ARES’s customers. ARES is a premier security risk management firm that offers extensive end-to-end security software services.   Madison played the role of announcing the transaction through its chief executive officer, Charles Botchway. It also headed the process through its senior managing director, Reginald McGaugh. On the other hand, Corbel Structured Equity Partners was in charge of the minority recapitalization.   A Statement from Madison Street Capital   Reginald McGaugh asserted that working closely with Ben Eazzetta, the president of ARES Security, was an honor. In fact, he went ahead to praise the company for its state-of-the-art technology solutions, which safeguards the globe’s most vital assets. Furthermore, the superior management board at ARES motivated Madison…


Everyday Lies With Wengie

If you think that no one tells a lie here and there, then watch a few of the videos that Wengie has posted. There are several simple lies that people tell on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, just that you are caught in the art of fibbing about things you do each day.   One of the common lies that people tell is that they are going to just look inside a store. A few hours later, they leave the store with several bags and purchases that they didn’t plan to make. Another common lie is that you don’t have anything to wear. People often say this while looking in a closet and searching through several shirts, dresses, jeans and other pieces of clothing but simply don’t want to wear what they have.   Some people tell teachers and others around them that they…


The Comparative Law and the Reliance of International Law on Municipal Law

The study of the relationship between legal systems, that is, the differences and the similarities is known as the comparative law. Comparative law is a modern concept that was started when it became apparent that comparing legal systems needed a systematic approach. Comparative role assists in understanding foreign legal systems. With globalization, businesses are trading worldwide, and knowledge of the legal system of all states is essential. The importance of comparing legal systems is not only important for business but also for academics. Scholars concentrate on specific topics of law to gain an understanding of how those laws affect the people. With the comparative law, different legal cultures are compared that give rise to a better international cooperation. The comparative law can be both macro and micro level comparison. The macro comparison is the full comparison between two legal systems. The micro comparison is a comparison of specific parts of…

Philanthropy, Tech Expert

Jason Hope And His Influence On SENS Foundation

Jason Hope might be known for his work in Tech related field. This Tech entrepreneur and investor is known to spread the word and champion an interconnected world where everything that we need can easily be accessed via technological innovations. However, this tech investor is a philanthropist. He is well known for being involved in multiple projects that are meant to giving back to the society. He has always emphasized an innovation in the medical field that would see lives transformed and changed for the better. A good example would be his involvement with SENS Foundation. This is a foundation is involved in anti-aging products. Hope believes that the foundation is trying to help people live a healthier and a better quality of life. Like Jason Hope on Facebook Hope has donated a substantial amount of money to help SENS Foundation achieve its objectives. He has also taken the time…

Leading Brands

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, Is Taking Over The Lip Balm Industry

The days of traditional chapsticks may be over as a new company, EOS, Evolution of Smooth is making inroads in the sector. The new spherical shaped tiny lip balm not only looks trendy, but it is also made of organic ingredients and comes in new flavors. For ladies, it means that they do not need to rely on traditional lip balm products. For years, Americans were using the same lip balm products, which did not change for decades. It seemed that designers in the sector were either too lazy to change chapstick or they were short of ideas. In fact, the sales of traditional lip balm and chapstick continued to grow only because these brands were backed by large pharmaceutical companies and drug manufactures who had contacts in the largest drug chains including Walmart, Walgreen, Amazon and Target( Accordingly, it was easier for these companies to fill the shelves without…

Criminal Justice Technology

Securus Technologies Calls Out Competitor

Securus Technologies CEO, Richard A. Smith thinks he has an excellent company and he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. The confident CEO recently challenged rival company GTL to compare technologies and see who will come out on top.   Securus is a leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions to public safety and correctional institutions.   Smith has called for an independent technology to review the two companies and determine which one has the most sophisticated calling platform, best customer service, and the most efficient platform.   According to Smith, GTL has provided “spun facts” in an effort to claim that their customer service and technology is on par with Securus. Nothing could be further from the truth, according to Smith.   He has stated that Securus has invested over $700 million back into the company through product development, business and technology acquisition,…

Online Attacks

Online Reputation Management Companies Step up to Defend Against Cyber Bullying

With the advent of the worldwide web, reputation management has transformed into an entirely new beast. There is a degree of permanency online that didn’t necessarily exist in past times. So it goes online reputation management companies have risen to answer the call to help clients protect their reputations in an every increasingly connected world. In conjunction with the rising phenomenon of online reputation management, another far more menacing phenomenon has also become more and more prevalent: that of cyber bullying. Like the difference between traditional reputation management and online reputation management, the difference between bullying in the real world and online is marked. Online Reputation explains that online bullying carries with it a host of negative consequences that victims of traditional bullying would never encounter, such as the ease with which a bully can recruit large numbers of people to harass you, or that the damage a bully…

Business Leader

Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Here are many ways a person can succeed in life and business as a young person. According to Josh Verne, his experience teaches him that people can work to success through vision and real leadership which comes from experience. For more than 20 years of professional experience, he has founded and sold more than 20 companies from scratch. H is the leader and founder of   The key points include: Be a leader not a boss In all management positions, there are two types of positions. For this reason, you must strive to choose the best. There is a leader and a boss in a business setup. The choice is yours. However, a boss uses his position and title in the business or company to have people do what he wants. For this reason, he forces them to respect him. In the end, he does all which is in…

CEO Profiles

Tony Petrello: The CEO of Petrello

Nabors Industries (NYSE, NBR) prides itself for providing innovative technologies, performance tools, and directional drilling services throughout the world’s significant gas and oil markets. It owns and operates the largest land based drilling rig fleet and is the number one provider of offshore drilling rigs in the united states and the international markets. With its highly skilled workforce, this industry continues to set high standards in operations and transforms the industry with its advanced drilling automation capabilities. The industry’s main mandate is to offer global drilling rig operations and services related to drilling like instrumentation, equipment manufacturing, optimization software, and directional drilling. Nabors Industries has the most technologically advanced rigs and their rigs are designed to address challenges in drilling applications in deserts and the Arctic Circle. They are dedicated to improving their rigs and doing away with the old ones making them the drilling company with the newest and…

Radiant Skin

The High Quality of Makari Skin Whitening Cream Has Led to Its Increased Popularity

Makari is a beauty company that specializes in products for the skin. They specifically offer products designed to help lighten or whiten dark colored areas of skin. This company takes pride in putting their customers first, which can be seen in the quality of the products they create. The Makari skin whitening cream is made in Switzerland to ensure only the highest quality ingredients and processes are used to create it. This cream can be used to lighten dark spots from aging, stretch marks or uneven skin tones. The popularity of the products made by Makari has grown so quickly the company now offers more than 60 different types of products for the skin. The skin care products available from fall into categories that include products for the face, body and bath. Their Beauty Milk Premium is designed to hydrate skin cells while also reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmentation….