Economic Development

Kevin Seawright’s Economic Growth Initiatives

Economic development at the local level has become a priority for not only politicians, but has also become a priority for businessmen as well as for local leaders that truly care about the locals and want their well being to improve and for more opportunities to be available far into the future. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers Of the many individuals that promote economic development through important projects, one individual in particular stands out due to not only his motivation to put 100 percent effort into the projects that he is a part of, but also due to his leadership style and the way he is able to inspire individuals to complete any economic development project with their maximum effort. This individual is Kevin Seawright, a project manager who has been involved in several successful economic development projects that…

Health and Fashion

UVA/UVB Protection Lip Balm Flavors Offered Through EOS

Active Protection Smooth Spheres by EOS are offered for those weekends camping trips or outings to the beach, where quick access to skin and lip moisture is basically a requirement. The two flavors offered through EOS for protection from the sun and moisture drying winds include zesty Lemon Twist and tarty Fresh Grapefruit, both with active SPF of 15, right here at That’s a wide spectrum of UVA/UVB protection and just enough SPF to provide a long lasting protective barrier between your lips and the elements, without effecting the overall flavor of your lip balm.   Either flavor of the Active Protection Smooth Spheres by EOS is PABA-free, paraben-free, and petroleum-free. This is also a great option for those seeking a gluten-free and phthalate-free experience, since they do not include either of these in order to maximize the amount of people who can fully enjoy the Evolution of Smooth’s…

Lip Care Business

Protect Your Lips with EOS Lemon Twist

The Evolution of Smooth offers a variety of specialized lip balms that can restore the lips, unlike other brands such as Chapstick that are merely sticks of processed petroleum jelly. EOS currently has a line of “Active Protection” lip balms in 2 flavors that offer a broad spectrum SPF. Protecting the lips from harmful uva and uvb rays is important to maintain their collagen structure and to prevent the lips from drying out. When the lips lose collagen fibers, they lose volume. The Active Protection Lemon Twist flavor is a favorite amongst many women. The sweet aroma and taste of fresh lemon makes applying this lip balm a blissful experience. More importantly, it is formulated with 3 active ingredients, Avobenzone, Homosalate, and Octocrylene. These organic compounds offer a complete SPF. Click this site. It is also formulated with organic lemon peel extract which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C….

Attorney, Lawyers

Ricardo Tosto Initiates Peace through Legal Justice

The law profession can be defined as popular among Brazilians. Simple as that may sound, becoming a lawyer in Brazil is an uphill task. Brazilian law originated from Portuguese following the European colonization. In 1822, Brazil claimed independence. This was the only country that was in a position to develop its legal system. Consequently, there was the need to create autonomous legal institutions including legal professionals. There was the need to empower the people of Brazil through education in legal institutions with the aim of mentoring lawyers, attorneys, and advocates. Through that, Brazil established law schools as from 1827. Most of these schools were in Sao Paulo and others in the city of Olinda. Becoming a Lawyer Becoming a lawyer in Brazil involves three steps: Vestibular Test • Degree • National Bar Examination Brazilian law universities accept students who have successfully passed the Vestibular test. When in high school, students…

Business Story

The Rise of the Giants: How EOS Outdid its Competitors

The millennial are a happy generation. Having all things at the click of the button is not what many of people a century ago were exposed to. Simple tasks as purchasing a lip balm would mean endless and torturous visits across different local stores and chemists for a mere tube of chapstick. At least the consolation of beauty was what kept most people on the go. Now thanks to technology and popular brands such as EOS, choosing a lip balm is much simple that ever before. Go to for more insights.   When talking beauty products and more so, lip balm products, nobody seems to have the slightest explanation behind the sudden change of things. For quite a while, Chapstick was the favorite of many beauty enthusiasts. Despite the difficulty accessing the product, it was always the force to reckon with in the market; however, things have since changed,…

Business, Financial Advisers

Anthony Petrello Is a Powerful Businessman

Anthony Petrello has built a very successful career for himself in the oil industry. He is now the main man in charge of Nabors Industries Ltd. This is a company that makes most of its money by looking for gas and oil in the ground. Anthony took over the role of president of this company in 1991. He is now the Chief Executive Officer. The company was not doing very well when Anthony came on board. However, it has thrived under his leadership. He has made many changes which were long overdo. These changes have helped to lower expenditures and increase the profits of the company by a huge margin. Anthony was originally a lawyer who earned his law degree from Harvard. He attended law school after getting a degree in math from Yale. He worked in New York City handling corporate law cases. He did this for a dozen…

Tech Expert, Technology

Jason Hope Foresees How the Internet of Things Will Improve Airline Travel

The Internet of Things uses Bluetooth beacon wireless technology and small sensors to track the state of things. Virgin Atlantic already has all of the parts of their Boeing 787s connected. This helps keep maintenance up to date. If a part begins to fail, the mechanics know that immediately, even if the plane is still flying. They are ready to replace it as soon as the plane lands at its destination.Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor and futurist with multiple interests in the technology sphere. He grew up in Tempe Arizona and now lives in Scottsdale. Arizona State University awarded him a degree in finance. He got an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. You can also follow him on twitter : According to an article about Hope and his predictions in Wings Journal. The IoT will make air travel safer not only through the early detection…

BMWs, Luxury Used Cars

Beverly Hills Auto Group Will Save you Money

Buying a used BMW has many advantages. First off, you can avoid pricey used car fees. You won’t lose money to depreciation, and you will have a lot more variety to choose from. You will also get a much better price-you can score a customized car without having to pay for all the customization. According to, there’s an average price gap of $20,000 between used and new cars. That’s a lot of money that you will save by buying a used BMW.   Beverly Hills Auto Group is committed to great customer service and offers a large selection of used luxury vehicles. Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you into a great car with their finance department and will even take on your trade-in. Beverly Hills Group can get you an approved loan in as little as three steps and Beverly Hills Auto Group is completely committed to your…

Dog Foods, Product Recognition

The Wonders of Beneful Healthy Weight

Give your dog a savory meal he deserves with Beneful healthy weight. This formula is made from real farm-raised chicken as the number one ingredient. This wholesome blend gives an extra boost of a healthy meal with real accents of apples, carrots, and green beans keeping your dog happy and satisfied. How this food is made and the things it is trying to achieve, this food would not benefit a dog looking to gain weight. A dog that has a weight problem should look into a higher calorie and protein diet. The wholesome blends in this dog food is made to provide the help for dogs who may be heftier to slim down by fighting excess fats and providing lean muscle. Beneful healthy weight comes with 10% fewer calories than Purina Beneful Originals with real beef and no added sugars. For when it comes to puppies, they would need mix…

Lip Balm Flavors

EOS – The Bes

If you’re looking for unique, quality lip balm products that both astound and refresh, then look no further – we have got it all right here. EOS is the name, and organic lip balm sensation is the game. It’s called the Evolution of Smooth; have you heard of it? EOS, for short, it’s taking the nation by storm with its wide array of flavors, colors and templates. Whether you live in Canada, the US or abroad, you can have a fresh order of this sensationally soothing group of specially-made lip balm products at your door in no time.   Just go online and place your order, but be advised: The most difficult part lies in choosing, because there are too many great flavors to choose from, so you’ll have to try them all, see  How many are there, exactly? Well, the top choices include Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, Passion Fruit,…