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Martin Lustgarten And Investment Opportunities

One of the most important factors to the success of an investor is the ability to find opportunities. In Martin Lustgarten’s case, he has found an opportunity in the recovering economy. Among the goals of investment that people have is a comfortable retirement. However, the Great Recession has made it seemingly impossible to achieve. However, there were key investments that could be made that would earn people tons of money. While retirement is very important as a goal, it is very hard to achieve. Many people need assistance in reaching their retirement goals. This could come in the form of advice. This is where Martin Lustgarten comes in. Martin Lustgarten has citizenship in Venezuela, and Austria. He has used this to his advantage. One activity that Martin Lustgarten is involved in is international investing. One way he does this is by spreading his wealth through multiple countries. One thing that…


EOS Ball Shaped Lip Balms

Evolution Of Smooth or EOS lip balm has taken over the world by storm. These uniquely packaged ball shaped lip balms can be found inside fashion magazines and also in the purses of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Unlike standard lip balms these ball shaped wonders come in fun flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew. These lip balms have become the second best-selling lip balm in the United States and are found in many retail stores. According to, EOS sells over 1 million products in a week’s time. Their goal is to reach sales of 2 million items sold per week by 2020. EOS makes natural and organic products which there is currently a huge demand and market for. Lip balm is the product that has made them famous. They also offer their lip balm in fun flavors which appeal to many consumers. These lip balms…

Brian Bonar, Personal Finance

Brian Bonar Personal Finance

There are a lot of people who think that they understand personal finance. However, today studies show that many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Brian Bonar is a great influence in the field of personal finance today. He has a lot of experience helping people get to the next level in this area of their life. He has a unique approach to personal finance that concentrates on helping people pay off debt and invest the rest in mutual funds designed to outperform the market. Although it was hard getting started in this industry, he has been able to transform the lives of a lot of people during the process. Brian Bonar According to San Diego Magazine, from the time he was young, Brian Bonar has always been interested in personal finance. He has a great track record of success in this area of his career. Not only has he…

Criminal Justice Technology

Securus Technologies Is Excellent At The Holidays

Most people cannot imagine being incarcerated during the holidays because it is a time for togetherness, presents and wonderful food. Since prisoners are not able to be with their loved ones during the holiday, they can get very depressed. When this happens there is a very depressing mood that takes over the facility, and it can lead to fights and other infractions.   Securus Technologies created the Christmas video visits so that the prisoners can take part in the holiday, and see their loved ones. They can hear and see them, and watch them open presents and have their holiday meal. This saves the facility money, and also the person that would be coming to visit the prisoner. They would have to pay for parking and gas, and they don’t have to do this when they use the video visits. These video visits also create a joyous atmosphere in the…

Campaign Donations

George Soros: Politico recap

George Soros is a prominent American political activist, businessperson, and an Author. He was born in Hungary, and he is currently the Chairman and leader of the Soros Fund Management LLC. George has also engaged in numerous philanthropic activities to help the poor and the disadvantaged in the world. Soros is among the high-profile business tycoons in the world. He is on the list of the top 30 richest people in the world. Soros is influential and popularly known for playing a huge role during the Eastern Europe major transition from communism to capitalism. He has been fighting for democratic rights for more than three decades internationally. George Soros is a billionaire financier of many politicians in the US. Soros was quoted on 11th November 2003 by The Washington Post that he would sacrifice all his wealth to assist anyone who would help in removing the former American President, George…

LED Lighting, Light Bulbs

Gooee: Better Ambiance, Greener Flow

Smart lighting is lighting of the future. Everything is “smart” these days, so why not smart lighting. In fact, doesn’t it seem that we’ve been waiting around for smart lighting for a while? The ability to dim a light switch while remaining seated or have a light turn off when we leave the room without the excessive “clap on”, “clap off” mechanism? On and off with the lights is only the beginning. Really, these smart chips are able to take lighting into a whole new arena, maximizing their use as an aesthetic ambiance, their interconnectedness and ease of use in life, and their low output of energy making them greener.   Smart lighting by Gooee is shrinking the LED sensor that allows the lighting in a home to be interconnected with the internet. Smart phones, laptops, smart watches and sockets can all communicate with each other not only to turn…


An In-Depth Review of Achievements and Goals of Labaton Sucharow

The legal system has evolved over the years and so have institutions like law firms based in the U.S. Labaton Sucharow is one of the firms that have shown the kind of transformation that has happened in the legal arena across the country and they are among few firms that have established a strong system that caters for the needs of people in different specialties. Labaton Sucharow has over the years made achievements and they also have plans for the future that could transform the whole industry. One of the most celebrated achievements that the company made includes the success of their client, who was awarded by the SEC Whistleblower Program for providing high-quality information about the rot that has marred the financial services industry. The client is said to have received more than $17 million in the payout, which came as a result of sanctions drawn from the perpetrators….


Keith Mann Divides His Time Between DSP and Graduating Seniors

Keith Mann is the founder and acting CEO of Dynamic Search Partners in NYC, but, as of 2013, he has formed a defining relationship with Uncommon Schools. Mr. Mann is a dedicated New York businessman, and he is committed to being at the top of the executive search industry.   But, not only is he a dedicated businessman, he sees the future of NYC in the hands of the next generation. They are the leaders of tomorrow, and he believes the leaders of today need to invest time and money to raise them up in the business world. So, he formed a partnership with Uncommon Charter Schools for low-income households. The mission of the school is to prepare grades K-12, so they will be ready to attend college.   The Manns agree with this goal 100 percent and, in 2013, began offering help. Mr. Mann and four other colleagues held…


My Small Apartment Was Cleaned By Handy

Having such a small apartment meant that I had to keep it clean all the time, but I don’t always do what I’m supposed to. I work so often that cleaning is the last thing that I can do at the end of a long day, and I still don’t do any cleaning. I needed a great cleaning service to help me out because I wanted to work as much as I could, so I’ll be able to buy a home within a year. I am new to the area and only found out about Handy because I was informed by someone who works with me. I constantly complained about not having the time to clean my home, but it was all just to spark a conversation with a nice girl that I was trying to get to know. Instead of being disgusted with the fact that my home was…

Banking in Dallas

The CEO and President of NexBank Gives a Speech at the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference of the Texas Bankers Association

Every year, the Texas Bankers association convenes for their annual conference. The main theme in these meetings is to assess the local market, look at the opportunities and challenges they are facing as a community and come up with working strategies on how to resolve their problems. This year was no different. However, the panel was honored to get a visit from the one and only CEO of NexBank, John Holt. The meeting that took place in New Orleans, Louisiana had the theme of ‘Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.’ The issues that were discussed included the role that the many rapid changes in technology are playing in transforming the financial sector, and what these changes mean for the key players in the sector. Mr. Holt noted that as one of the market leaders in the sector, NexBank had been taking the necessary steps in enhancing community banking….