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Anthony Petrello Is a Powerful Businessman

Anthony Petrello has built a very successful career for himself in the oil industry. He is now the main man in charge of Nabors Industries Ltd. This is a company that makes most of its money by looking for gas and oil in the ground. Anthony took over the role of president of this company in 1991. He is now the Chief Executive Officer. The company was not doing very well when Anthony came on board. However, it has thrived under his leadership. He has made many changes which were long overdo. These changes have helped to lower expenditures and increase the profits of the company by a huge margin.

Anthony was originally a lawyer who earned his law degree from Harvard. He attended law school after getting a degree in math from Yale. He worked in New York City handling corporate law cases. He did this for a dozen years. He was happy with his job. However, he decided that he wanted more of a challenge. That opportunity was presented to him when Nabors approached him to be their new president. The company was started in 1968. They grew quite a bit in the following decade. However, they fell upon hard times in the 1980s. This is what caused the board of directors to seek new leadership. They liked Anthony’s track record in the world of corporate law. They thought he would be the perfect person for the job. It turned out they were right to hire Petrello.

It did not take Anthony very long to turn the company around. He was able to implement his strategy of eliminating jobs that were obsolete. He also updated a lot of the equipment that had fallen into disrepair over the years. Buying new equipment meant that there would be fewer slowdowns on job sites. This helped Nabors to increase their level of production. It wasn’t long until the company was receiving offers from many big investors.

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