A Forward Thinker: Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor and surgeon based in Atlanta Georgia. He is also qualified to practice medicine in the state of Florida. He is a man who cares about his patients and will do everything in his power to help them lead better lives. He worked with his father while trying to attain his medical licenses.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a forward thinker when it comes to practicing medicine. In July of this year, he became the CEO and founder of a company called OVME. It is a consumer based company that uses the latest technology when it comes to a patient’s elective care. In an interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Mark McKenna explains what his life is like, what prompted the new company OVME, and advice for people just starting out.

When it came to OVME Dr. Mark McKenna says the idea came to him for this company after working in the business for more than ten years. His practice grew at an impressive rate and he wanted to think of something new for his patients. This was the genesis of the company and he wanted to shake up the industry as he saw it.

When it comes to his schedule it is a pretty straightforward one. He usually wakes up at six-thirty and gets his daughter ready for the day. He has breakfast with her while his wife can sleep in. He gets to work at eight and stays on the job until six in the evening. Afer work he goes to Jiu-Jitsu training to keep his mind and body sharp. When he comes back home it is nine in the evening and then he goes to bed. That is a normal day for him. To know more about him click here.

One piece of advice that he would give to people today is not to rush into things quickly. It is okay to take something slow and easy until you figure it out. Slow and steady wins the race.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man with a mission. He wants to provide the highest level of care to his patients. That is his way.


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