Rowing Team

Orange Coast College Competes For National Title In Rowing

The Orange Coast College rowing team is working hard to get ready for the 2017 Collegiate Nationals competition that will take place in Gainsville, Georgia this year. Orange Coast Coast College is training in its home turf at Newport Beach, California. The training regime is a brutal one as a team of rowers glide a 60 foot boat at speeds up to 25 miles per hour in the Pacific Ocean. Rowing remains an amateur sport. Yet, it is one of the most physically grueling sports there is. It is also a team sport that requires careful coordination between the eight rowers and the cockswain who yells out the orders through a crude megaphone of sorts. The cockswain does not row but he does give commands and directions to the rowing crew, Orange Coast College’s rowing team is a wonder. The college is a community college, but it has garnered over…

Personal Preference

Have You Tried EOS Lip Balm?

You’ve probably seen them in the market as you are checking out: Eos lip balms in their cute circular packaging. You may not realize they are made from natural ingredients that are so good for your lips!   Did You Know? Eos lip balm comes with sunscreen via the “Active Protection Smooth” series. If you have ever tried lip balms with sunscreen, you know how some of them can smell chemically. Not with Eos balms. In the Active Protection Smooth series you can try two key flavors: Grapefruit and Lemon Twist. The Grapefruit balm has an SPF of 30 while the Lemon Twist offers a slightly lower SPF at 15.   Try These Flavors One of the latest collections from Eos lip balm is its gluten-free collection,”Smooth Spheres.” You can feel confident that everything you are putting on your lips is not going to aggravate your stomach, especially if you…


Dallas Philanthropy of James Dondero

The name of Mr. James Dondero is quite popular in the Dallas city Fort Worth. He co-founded one of the largest investment firms in Dallas – Highland Capital Management. Mr. James Dondero has been the President of the Highland Management since the company was created ten years ago.   Mr. James Dondero has been strongly dedicated to philanthropy work as well. He is devoted to giving back to the community of Fort Worth and Dallas as a whole. He has been a supporter of projects that have the purpose of developing the community. Mr. James Dondero has funded the construction and renovation of many schools, universities, and shelters, as well as most of the most significant attraction spots of the state of Dallas.   One of the latest philanthropy projects that Mr. James Dondero has been working on includes a partnership with the Dallas Zoo. The hippo outpost of the…


Highland Capital Management Ensures High Customers

Highland Capital Management is one of the finest hedge funds in the world, and it has spent many years helping people invest their money in the wisest ways possible. The people who wish to invest with this company may make investment choices that are good for them, and they will feel much more confident in their dividends. This article explains how James Dondero started the company, what it does and how they are respected throughout the financial world.   #1: The Fund’s Value   The Highland Capital Management fund has a value of several billion dollars, and they are investing around the world with this money. It is one of the most-diverse funds in the world, and it is a fund that has allowed its clients to earn more money than any other. Someone who is investing with this fund will find it easier to protect their money, and they…

Organic Lip Balm

EOS is an Organic Solution for Your Daily Lip Mending Needs

The Evolution of Smooth is offering an organic solution to lip balm connoisseurs to kick off the summer. With flavors like Summer Fruit, Passion Fruit, and Blueberry Acai, you get all the fan favorites with none of the filler through their natural and 100% gluten free lip mending products. Experience long-lasting moisture that gives the gift of supple lips throughout the day, with little need for reapplication. Of course, who can fault you for reapplying once or twice just to get that fresh burst of Honeysuckle Honeydew on your lips between meals? With their easy to twist off caps and unique, ergonomic design, never again worry about losing your favorite lip shine in your big purse. Thanks to the brightly colored capsules you’ll have a hard time losing them in your house. Now, if only your keys were so easy to find! Many fans of the product have a dedicated…

Personal Finance

Insight to the Career Development of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker gets primarily associated with the real estate and technology industries. He served as an advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company and invested his time at NaviSite as the chairman. Recently, his decision to venture into new businesses has set him apart in the real estate and technology world. In 2011, Arthur Becker ventured into the development of residential houses. He majors on the development and rehabilitation of townhouses. Becker builds or reconstruct townhouses, sells them or leases them to tenants across the states. Lately, he has expanded his reach to the city of New York and Florida. Arthur Becker was engaged to a fashion designer, Vera Wang for 23 years. Check out Bloomberg for more info. In an interview, Arthur said he ventured into the world of technology in 2003 after joining NaviSite as the CEO. He drives his inspiration from the experience drawn from his time at…

Economic Development

Kevin Seawright’s Economic Growth Initiatives

Economic development at the local level has become a priority for not only politicians, but has also become a priority for businessmen as well as for local leaders that truly care about the locals and want their well being to improve and for more opportunities to be available far into the future. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers Of the many individuals that promote economic development through important projects, one individual in particular stands out due to not only his motivation to put 100 percent effort into the projects that he is a part of, but also due to his leadership style and the way he is able to inspire individuals to complete any economic development project with their maximum effort. This individual is Kevin Seawright, a project manager who has been involved in several successful economic development projects that…

Health and Fashion

UVA/UVB Protection Lip Balm Flavors Offered Through EOS

Active Protection Smooth Spheres by EOS are offered for those weekends camping trips or outings to the beach, where quick access to skin and lip moisture is basically a requirement. The two flavors offered through EOS for protection from the sun and moisture drying winds include zesty Lemon Twist and tarty Fresh Grapefruit, both with active SPF of 15, right here at That’s a wide spectrum of UVA/UVB protection and just enough SPF to provide a long lasting protective barrier between your lips and the elements, without effecting the overall flavor of your lip balm.   Either flavor of the Active Protection Smooth Spheres by EOS is PABA-free, paraben-free, and petroleum-free. This is also a great option for those seeking a gluten-free and phthalate-free experience, since they do not include either of these in order to maximize the amount of people who can fully enjoy the Evolution of Smooth’s…

Lip Care Business

Protect Your Lips with EOS Lemon Twist

The Evolution of Smooth offers a variety of specialized lip balms that can restore the lips, unlike other brands such as Chapstick that are merely sticks of processed petroleum jelly. EOS currently has a line of “Active Protection” lip balms in 2 flavors that offer a broad spectrum SPF. Protecting the lips from harmful uva and uvb rays is important to maintain their collagen structure and to prevent the lips from drying out. When the lips lose collagen fibers, they lose volume. The Active Protection Lemon Twist flavor is a favorite amongst many women. The sweet aroma and taste of fresh lemon makes applying this lip balm a blissful experience. More importantly, it is formulated with 3 active ingredients, Avobenzone, Homosalate, and Octocrylene. These organic compounds offer a complete SPF. Click this site. It is also formulated with organic lemon peel extract which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C….

Attorney, Lawyers

Ricardo Tosto Initiates Peace through Legal Justice

The law profession can be defined as popular among Brazilians. Simple as that may sound, becoming a lawyer in Brazil is an uphill task. Brazilian law originated from Portuguese following the European colonization. In 1822, Brazil claimed independence. This was the only country that was in a position to develop its legal system. Consequently, there was the need to create autonomous legal institutions including legal professionals. There was the need to empower the people of Brazil through education in legal institutions with the aim of mentoring lawyers, attorneys, and advocates. Through that, Brazil established law schools as from 1827. Most of these schools were in Sao Paulo and others in the city of Olinda. Becoming a Lawyer Becoming a lawyer in Brazil involves three steps: Vestibular Test • Degree • National Bar Examination Brazilian law universities accept students who have successfully passed the Vestibular test. When in high school, students…