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Chairman Jose Auriemo of JHSF Features on the List of Most Powerful Individuals in the Fashion Sector

Chairman Jose Auriemo of JHSF Features on the List of Most Powerful Individuals in the Fashion Sector The Business of Fashion publishes a new series of the BoF 500, a list of the most powerful individuals in the fashion arena throughout the globe, on annual basis. Jose Auriemo Neto, who is the chairman of JHSF, is one of the prominent Brazilians on this year’s edition. The magazine honored the executive with gala dinner on September 9, 2018, in New York. In the past decade, Jose Auriemo has redefined the Brazilian fashion industry with the opening of Cidade Jardim shopping complex, a wonderful open-air mall stocked with international brands like Pucci, Rene, Valentino, Hermes, and Brunello. The biography of the entrepreneur appearing on the magazine describes him as the head of one top real estate development firms Brazil. It also recognizes him as the pioneer of Jimmy Choo and Hermes in…


Betsy’s Sometimes Controversial Vision for American Education

Even as a young student at Calvin College in the 70s, Betsy DeVos was an active participant in student government. Her road from there to the role she plays as the current U.S. Secretary of Education is one that many could have predicted. Her persistence in advocating for schools that serve all Americans equally is the kind you only follow when you have a heartfelt belief.   Raised in Holland, Michigan, young Betsy belonged to the Christian Reformed Church. Her decision to attend a college with a deep Protestant tradition underscores the conservative values that have enabled her relationship with Dick DeVos, a former contender for governor in Michigan, Their marriage is one that many would envy. Considering how active DeVos has consistently been in philanthropy and school reform, it’s hard to believe she’s also managed to raise four kids she’s just as dedicated to.   DeVos has her critics,…

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How Whitney Wolfe Works with Bumble

Since Whitney Wolfe started Bumble, she knew things would change the app dating industry. She also knew the industry needed something like Bumble to make everything better. Since she was so successful with the work she did, she felt confident she could help other people and come up with new opportunities. It made sense for her to show other people they could get more out of the situations they were in. The idea for Bumble was to make something that would benefit women. Whitney Wolfe knew women didn’t have the upper hand in most things. She also knew they didn’t have the resources they needed for the app dating industry. Since she knew how to help people, she felt confident she could make Bumble the best app possible. She also felt things would keep getting better as long as she had a chance to do things the right way for…

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Neurocore Is Treating Patients Suffering From Mental Disorders

The brain controls a person’s ability to think, walk, play, and much more. On top of that, it monitors your breathing. Some of the brain’s nerves go to the eyes, ears in addition to other parts of the body. These parts have nerves that connect with the brain through the spine. As such, the spinal cord controls sense, body functions including breathing, and talking among others. If you’ve noticed you get #stressed from being around stressed out people, you’re not alone. There’s an evolutionary reason why this can happen. — Neurocore (@neurocore) April 8, 2018 Apart from that, the brain is composed of millions of microscopic neurons that utilize chemical signals to control electrical activity through a person’s brain. The neurons help a person to think and feel besides processing complicated information. Moreover, understanding the brain is possible through the working of the organ. Even though this subject…

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Southridge Capital: Steven Hicks and Mastering The Industry

Southridge capital came about when its CEO and principle Steven Hicks was employed at a New York hedge fund. At the time, his leading manager had decided to return to Australia and this left Hicks to close down the hedge fund’s operations. When looking back, Hicks says the principal allowed him to maintain his employment as he work hard to create Southridge Capital. Though still on the payroll at his old job, Hicks new adventure took off and has rose to success. Today, the corporation oversees a robust portfolio and a list full of clients. Hicks has been steer-heading Southridge Capital’s strategic direction and giving his clients many options. He is responsible for managing business development and making his company a leading force in the market since its creation back in 1996.   Steven Hick’s background is impressive to say the least. He has received a Bachelor of Science in…

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Technology and Sustainability Key to OSI Group’s Global Vision

Today, OSI Group is well-known for its position in the food production and processing industry. Its growth from a local butcher shop to a global food conglomerate, points to clearly defined strategies employed over the years. Sheldon Lavin is the president and CEO of the company and is committed to ensuring that the company broadens its operations to cover more countries. Todays, it operates close to 65 facilities in over 15 countries. The modern world is generally moving towards embracing technology and sustainable production. OSI Group has not been left behind in the quest, as it seeks to take advantage of the international market. In response, the company has over the past years shifted its focus on new strategies and technologies to ensure increased efficiency in production and guarantee environmental protection. OSI has since made sustainability a core value and has to be considered in making any strategic decisions. The…


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Joe Arpaio and a Fate Much Worse Than Prison

Joe Arpaio is everything that you do not want any public official. He served as the longtime Sheriff for Maricopa County in Arizona and it was one of the worst times for it in that area. He represents everything that is wrong with people who stereotype and treat other human beings as subhuman. He used his position of power to manipulate the public and gain favors for himself. Regardless of that fact, Joe Arpaio was recently pardoned for a charge he had pressed against him for contempt of court. Instead of serving any jail time for the numerous violations that he has done he is walking free amongst the American public again. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and “Larkin and Lacey Speak Out – What Happened To Joe Arpaio” is an article featured on that discusses some of the backgrounds of Joe Arpaio and…

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Technology finances with Psi-Pay limited

PSI-Pay limited is a private company that came into existence in 2007. PSI-Pay is in the United Kingdom. The company offers pre-paid, deficit and visual cards and also a system where payments can be made without necessarily being physically there (contactless systems). PSI-Pay Company has five founders, and a team of experts tasked to innovate new ideas now and then. The company gives the MasterCard globally to its members.   PSI-Pay Company offers diverse services for its customers; Direct Debits, this helps the companies that have routine transactions from a significant number of residents. Internet payments, this enables the occupants to make their bills payments online free. Telephone payments, the payment system involves tenants paying their bills via telephones and landlines. Text Message system, tenants directly pay their bills from texting a code, and the amount they wish to pay via the UK registered phone and an operational payment card….

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Tips On How To Succeed In Life By Dr. Saad Saad

It’s a fact that the more you live, the more life experience you gain. You can have bad experiences, good experiences, and everything in between. Pediatrician and thoracic surgeon Dr. Saad Saad has lived a very full life and has had a lot of rewarding life experiences.   He has a few pieces of advice to give readers, so they can be successful in their lives. It’s all about seizing the moment and not procrastinating. Don’t wait for tomorrow to complete a task, but just do it today. You may reason with it in your head but it does nothing for you in the end. This can manifest in larger ways including putting off your career, going to the doctor, or changing your life for the better. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come. There is no such thing. Doing tasks today instead of tomorrow has worked out very…

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokinides, The Driving Forces Behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

InnovaCare Health is a leading North American provider of healthcare services. They offer comprehensive benefits to seniors, meeting their medical needs and contributing to their mental and emotional well being. Their mission is to redefine healthcare management in order to meet the challenges of the complex healthcare environment.     The company’s President and Chief Executive Officer is Dr. Richard Shinto, who started his career in Southern California and has an impressive resume to back up his status within the company. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, and a medical degree which he earned from the University of New York. In addition, he also has an M.B.A. which he earned from the University of Redlands.     He is credited with being a driving force within InnovaCare Health, and a key player that helped the company the success that it currently enjoys. Dr. Shinto…